Thursday, April 28, 2011

I call her Monkey

I've called her Monkey from early on. My sweet, precious baby girl. My Monkey.
Maybe because she swings from the furniture, or is always hanging on something. Maybe just because she's silly and fun and I like it.

My sweet monkey girl.

Playing with a toy, she pointed to the animals and I named each one. Lion, giraffe, panda, elephant, monkey. As soon as I said it she looked at me wide-eyed then back to the monkey and back at me again. I said it again. Monkey.

She leaned down and kissed that sweet monkey. Looked back at me and handed that monkey to me so I could kiss him too.

She knew of all the animals, that the monkey was special. Because I call her Monkey. And she kissed that monkey because she knows Momma kisses her Monkey.

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